• Fundamental training 
  • Safeguarding & protection
  • Improving teamwork skills
  • Promoting your cricket club
  • Personal mentoring
  • Advanced bowling techniques

The eCricket Challenge

weekly workshops

How to Play:

Bowling Thursdays

Learn all about bowling skills and strategies, the run-up, efficient delivery, and pace, swing, and spin bowling,

Batting Saturdays

Learn advanced skills to get you those 4s and 6s: improving your hitting, playing against fast bowlers, stroke selection, overcoming fear and concentration issues, etc.

The main objective in cricket is simple: The batsmen aim to score more runs than the other team, while the bowlers and fielders try to stop them.



Runs are scored when a batsmen hits the ball and runs to the other end of the pitch before the fielders can throw it back. If the ball is hit well it can go all the way to the boundary and the batsmen gets an automatic four runs, without having to actually run.


The bowler's main job is to get the batsmen out. The bowler does this by running in and delivering the ball to the batsmen.

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